How we work

Our values and culture

Client first focus

Embodying an entrepreneurial mindset to deliver innovative solutions based on relationships & collaboration with like minded professionals.

Indomitable resilience

I came back from the brink of mental ill health, but now revel again in the joys of working with old clients/friends and new contacts in London, UK and further afield.

Refreshed perspective

Covid-19 taught us to look differently and challenge historic conventions. I have learnt to utilise new technology to deliver innovative results to consulting & marketing.

Bright & contrasting

I promise a distinctive, non-corporate approach to finding the best solutions for my clients. Embodying an entrepreneurial mindset based on relationships & collaboration with like minded professionals.

Positively impacting

I am proud of my historic achievements as well as new projects, but it’s not all about work. I have selected Mind as my partner charity as well as working ‘pro bono’ for registered charity, Fair Shot Café on London site acquisitions.

…and fun!

Travel broadens the mind and you certainly learn from it. I try to use these experiences at work. Retail property can be tough, but it should also be fun. Catching up with clients, friends and former colleagues helps make a difference to others.

Broadening the mind!